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Golden West Credit Union will not release the title of my vehicle because I have not paid off another vehicle that I still owe on. They are very unethical, greedy, and their customer service sucks!!

They act as if they are the Gods of finance. I will never use their services again and highly recommend no else does either! They are more than willing to take your money but are unwilling to give what is rightfully yours.

Again, I say, stay away from Golden West Credit Union. Their only concern is taking your money and using your assets as collateral against you!

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #736777

Sounds like "Bob" and " Uneducated comment " are goldenwest shills/employees... Goldenwest like "most" financial institutions is crooked and greedy, but the lesser of many evils.

sad... I use them, but I am looking for a better credit union...


I have never missed a payment or been late and I bought these vehicles at separate times. This is like the 4th vehicle I have bought from them.

I paid the one off and requested the title and yes I still owe on the second one but again, never a late/missed payment. After talking with my attorney though it sure is funny how I received the title in the next week.

Tell me how shady that is?!! Golden West had NO right to do what they tried to do.


if you used both titles as collateral on the loan then you would be required to pay off the loan entirely or refinance the second car to get your title for the first car.

to Bob Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #736780

They don't use 2 titles for 1 loan, solved....


I'm not even a member there, but I agree with goldenwest. When you have a loan with a financial institution, they require collateral. Pretty simple stuff.

to Uneducated comment Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #736778

They said 2 vehicles with 2 loans... Pretty "simple" and justified complaint, shill....


Ouch! That's brutal and corrupt!

Thanks for the warning. I will stay away.

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